Future and Scope for Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry

Futures of Bio-polymers demand the manufacturer for brand spanking new materials is overwhelming. Applications by the use of new materials should utilize the properties of those polymers, and also the products should be developed based on those properties. The main concerns for humans in the future can be energy & resources, food, health, mobility & infrastructure and communication. Synthetic polymers have since an extend time played a relatively important role in present-day medicinal observations. Polymers occupy a prominent role in this modern living. From the tooth brush, lunchboxes, toys, pens etc, a lot of products are being used every day. It is absolutely fascinating when we understand the polymers and its utmost functionalities. From the daily utilities to the most advanced areas of research, polymer is a fundamental component. Man synthesized artificial polymer mimicking the natural polymers, which is a group of molecules combined together.


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